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The Estate “In the Vicinity with Golf”

Good day!

Dear partners of “Samara Golf&Country Club”, I want to apologize for the slow performance of the project. Also I would like to apologize to NGF (National Golf Foundation), WLTSCHOOLUK, HSBC, Bentley and other companies, which offered partnership, cooperation and constant flow of the customers. I would like to explain the reasons of the temporary suspension in the development of the project in my message below.

The main reason for the slow development of the project is the rampant criminality merging with the oligarchy, representatives of the authorities and the law enforcement system in the Samara region. So, in August 2010, there was made the first attempt to murder me. This was done by organized crime group Neverov S. (now Trofimov) by the order of the leader of the Kinelsky district. As a result, a young man (Mr. Trantsev, 22 years) died. The killer, looking at my photo from the newspaper “Samarskoye Obozrenie” (a yellow newspaper, ‘the right hand’ of oligarchs and bandits for raider seizures), confused me with the accountant of a neighboring firm who accidentally left the office. The killers were not punished, they paid one million Euros to the law enforcement agencies. In order to return this money, the same members of the organized crime group kidnapped the director of the company “EkoVoz” Duskov A.. Me and my family have been living in hell for eight years: continuing threats, murder attempts, attempts to raider capture, initiation of cases from law enforcers, who are at the service of OCG Neverov. OCG Neverov has patrons in the government of the Samara region, among leaders of the Police department of Togliatti and Samara, the Prosecutor’s Office. I have been applying to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and, thankfully, I haven’t been killed long ago with their help. The property of the “Samara Golf&Country Club” is repeatedly robbed and destroyed. There was ruined children’s sports school, where I taught children to play golf for free. Now my family and I are in danger again. I have reliable information about paid ordered murder for me. Unfortunately, there will be no help from the side of police and Prosecutor’s Office. This was announced by Akhmetkhanov H., the head of police department in Togliatti, to my wife, who also advised us to pay to ‘those people from OCG Neverov’. Zaitsev K., prosecutor of the Central District of Togliatti, doesn’t accept my application, and even when he does, he refuses to investigate it without even asking the applicant. And all of this happens six months after the application, though the period for consideration applications of citizens is 30 days. I’m writing publicly, I want to be interrogated! But apparently, even when they find me with a knife in the back, prosecutor K. Zaitsev, will say 100% suicide and close the case!

Based on the above, we can not accept tourists and students for training, as we can not guarantee them security. We can not even guarantee ourselves security. During last few weeks, we are meeting two to five scumbags at the entrance every other day, who are loudly discussing how they will dismember me and my children.

Anyway, despite the problems, this year I will once again try to continue the construction ofthe project, if I am alive. And once again I would like to apologize!

Vladislav Kedalo


We appeal to you for help!
We are sorry to inform that, unfortunately, our golf club was robbed and there were stolen all bags with golf clubs, with the help of which we gratuitously taught the golf everyone, but mainly children. We are infuriated from that abomination to which man can sink to steal from children! There is no hope to recover stolen golf equipment with the help of the police of Samara region. To expect that our “brave” police will help is just ridiculous!

CHILDREN of Samara Region WERE ROBBED, those children, whom our club has been providing with free clubs, balls and trainings since 2009. We were planning to open a new season in May 2015, but due to the recent events, the opening of training both for the residents of Samara region and children is now out on a limb. Currently we do not have the financial ability to re-purchase the equipment.
That is why, if someone among those who are reading this letter has an opportunity to help our golf club by providing bags with golf clubs (used, including), we would be grateful! Those who are interested in starting a new golf training session at “Samara Golf&Country Club” and just people who care, please, send golf equipment to:
443022, Russian Federation, Samara, 7 Maltsev st., office 4. Our phone number: +7 927 115 7777.
443022, Российская Федерация, город Самара, проезд Мальцева, дом 7, офис 4. Наш контактный телефон: +7 927 7777 115.
Best Regards,
Administration of «Samara Golf & Country Club»

The Estate “In the Vicinity with Golf” is located on the territory of Syreika village which belongs to Kinnel Municipality in Samara region. The area is situated:

  • 40 km from the Airport
  • 17 km from Samara border line
  • 40 km from Samara City
  • 4 km from the Samara highway
  • 85 km from Togliatti

The Estate includes seven residential areas which are projected very close to five 18-hole golf courses of champion type. The fact that these 5 golf courses were designed as ten 9-hole courses, allows every year in future to alter the configuration of golf play. This will definitely attract the constant flow of golf players. As a consequence, the real estate which is near the golf courses becomes very attractive not only for permanent living but also for renting.

The Estate Managing Company will help the owners to manage their real estate from a distance and also to assist in solving of any other arising situations. The Managing company is also competent in providing services connected with real estate tax, as well as with other taxation and duties matters.
The Managing company will be helpful to you, independently of your permanent residence..

In construction process the latest western and Russian technologies are being applied. For example, the power-and-heat generation system (co-generation). At the owners wish the recoupment systems will be installed in dwelling houses. The installation of recoupment systems allows the buyer to have in future a share in profits resulted from participation in special saving programs developed by power supply company. The programs’ terms will be commented on this page later on.

The security system around the Estate and in public places will create safe conditions on the territory. Any individual cottage or villa can be joined to the whole security system at slight price.
Using the personal electronic key the owner passes to the Estate territory and to his residential area. The same key can open the garage, the house, to switch on/off signalling.

The Estate “In the Vicinity of Golf” includes all necessary facilities for convenient every day life and different sport complexes. And what is VERY ESSENTIAL: is the vicinity to the forest park designed in English style and covering the area of 444 hectares with 30 ponds and lakes. There will be every chance to enjoy nature and to practice many sports close to your house! It’s definitely a new style of life here!

STAGES in the Project:

November, 1, 2009 – September, 30, 2011.

Laying and creation of internal infrastructure in area D. Designing and construction of the boiler house, feeding it with gas. Water pipe and building of purification installations.

July, 1, 2010 – June, 30, 2011.

Laying of internal infrastructure of supplying systems in residential areas A and B
Perimeter Safeguard construction and Security system mounting. Increase of water pipe and purification. Increase of boiler house capacity.

July, 1, 2011 – June, 30, 2012.

Laying of internal infrastructure of supplying systems in residential areas C, Central, G and F.
Increase of water pipe and purification. Increase of boiler house capacity.

The Tenders will be submitted and the woks will be performed in accordance with this Time Schedule

Dear Buyers of Plots!

In the section Land Bank look for our special offers which make the buying procedure much easier for You. Using our special programs You don’t need to apply for bank loans. If any questions arise, pass to Contact Information.

NOTE: when buying a plot from private owners, pay special attention to the point if you are buying a plot with the paid connection to infrastructure of supplying systems (power, water, heat supply and sewerage)!!! The Certificate of Ownership on the land plot doesn’t guarantee the connection to the infrastructure, if the previous owner hasn’t paid it.

On this site you can find a list if available plots with the included connection to supplying systems.


October, 25, 2010.

The mounting of the first cottage in Area D, which will be ready for trimming in 10 days.

The specialists started laying of water supply and sewerage systems in Area D.

October, 20, 2010.

Construction of the waterfall has been completed. It will “work” after filling-up the ponds with water.

Filling-up the ponds will take the next two months. Water from ponds will be used for irrigation of two golf courses in future. The total volume is 220 000 cu.m.

The place of overflow has been prepared.

After filling-up the lakes the “floating” Green 14 will be surrounded by water.

October, 19, 2010.

Works on the golf site have been stopped untill spring time.

Construction specialists and machines are transferred to jobs on laying the infrastructure in Area D (water supplying and sewerage systems).

Продажа домов

В этом разделе будут размещены цены, описание и проекты жилых
домов, которые будут выставлены на реализацию в рамках нашего проекта.


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